Work Day on a Holiday : The Bonifacio Day

HR Note November 30, 2018

Waking up every day in the early morning is very hard most especially if you know that day is a Regular Non-working Holiday.





Last Friday, November 30, in the Philippines, we celebrated the Birth Anniversary of one of our National Heroes, Gat Andres Bonifacio — the founder and the eventual Supremo of the Katipunan.


And surprisingly, here at Commude PH, we were here in the office like it’s an ordinary day. Don’t worry, we will offset that day on the day after our Christmas Party and we all agreed to it. Yas! As a matter of fact, working on a holiday has a lot of benefits.


First, we have enjoyed travelling to office for the roads are not that busy and none of us arrived late. Second, lunch time today was not like an ordinary lunch time during an office week. How was it? We have now enjoyed eating at Isidro without waiting too much to serve our food and it is free, of course courtesy of our bosses. Isidro is a restaurant located at the back of our office building and it serves lunch sets at affordable prices. And lastly, there are not that much of stressors to deal with. Isn’t that great? It is not that bad working on a Holiday. *wink*


Just like Gat Andres Bonifacio, we believe that love for our family and for our country are the most important priorities in our lives. Even some are still in their bed sleeping, we were all here in the office gathered together to work for the benefit of our loved ones and for the love for our company. Though some of us prefer to spend time with our own families, spending with Commude PH is just like being with them too, for here, you will always feel that you are belonged and appreciated even though we have different nationalities.


Commude PH appreciate work even more even when in Holidays. It just like knowing that waking up every day will be worth it because you know that all of  your efforts are valued very much. Hence, you will always look forward to every morning just like how Gat Andres Bonifacio looked forward to our country’s freedom