The Pandemic Aftermath: Commude Philippines new office, new home

Company News・Event September 29, 2022

Coronavirus in 2020 caused many changes in our working situations and most of the companies including us embraced the work from home idea. In March 2020, we turned our living space into a great place to work. Though there were many challenges and adjustments, still we managed to work productively. Since the pandemic forced to empty most of the many offices, our company decided to end the lease of the contract at Petron Mega Plaza office and temporarily moved all the office supplies and equipment to one of the units at Campus Rueda building which served as our temporary office/storage unit while all of us were working at home.


Now, the offices are reopening again as the cases of Covid-19 are finally dropping after the Omicron Variant wave. Commude PH management decided to adopt the hybrid work arrangement. We started to look for our new office early where we can all work continuously while following the health protocols being implemented for the safety of all employees.




After two months, we found our new home at The Peninsula Court Building. A 130 sqm unit, spacious enough to accommodate all of us, is where we are at now. The unit has 3 rooms which we converted into a meeting room, an applicant room where we handled interviews and exams, and a pantry.




We did some minor renovation in the unit to achieve the feel and to be more conducive to all of us. We removed the carpet and decided to have plain white vinyl tiles that are more minimalist and easy to clean and spot dirt compared with a carpeted one.  We also did some repaint to make it more white. #TeamPuti 🙂  A window blinds from our former office was installed as well and additional air conditioners too. Commude PH made sure that the office will be at the  most convenient place for work.




It was July 15, 2022 when we exactly moved in here at the office. While minor repair and improvement are still on going, we opt to move in already to prepare everything prior hybrid work on August 2, 2022




At last, August 2, 2022, our first day of hybrid work schedule. Here is the final set-up of our office with us in our own designated working area. There are also  many vacant seats waiting for you who want to join our team. We will be delighted to welcome you, you can  check our job openings at Jobstreet 😉 #ShamelessPlug






We have this meeting room as well overseeing the busy streets of Makati and Paseo de Roxas Avenue.




Ofcourse, we want to show you our pantry which will be the area of countless conversations and laughter during meal breaks. Count these photos in.






Though some people feel  anxious on returning to work at the office, we at Commude PH are willingly excited to be back. After all, it’s been more than 2 years that we only see each other virtually. It’s time to walk along the street and work together with colleagues personally.