PH x JP Year-end Outing in Cebu : Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Company News・Event December 27, 2018

While everyone is busy for their Christmas parties, shoppings and other December to do list, we, the Commude PH and the JP team are at Cebu White Sands enjoying Christmas breeze at the beach! Sounds fun, right?




Commude PH and JP teams’ first team bonding was made into reality last December 6-8,2018. The activity was planned to pay tribute for everyone’s hard work for the whole year.


Of course, since we came from Manila, we arrived earlier at the resort. We are welcomed with their house lemonade and was escorted to our rooms. Rooms are very spacious — two (2) persons each and has a nice view of their fish ponds and swimming pool. The other team — the Japan Team arrived at an hour later.


First bonding activity was done on the evening of first night. Commude PH and Japan were group together to play games and activities that will develop communication and will bond as well. We played — Chicken, rice, and dog riddle that encourages creative problem solving with the team. From planning to presentation of answers, each team helped each other to arrive with the best possible answer. Violet team is the only team who did not get the right answer but they have the most funniest solution to the riddle.   






Here is the Violet Team which was presented by Jonas:




The next game is about coordination and communication. This classic Hole Tarp and Loop de loop game is famous in a lot of team building activities. The game requires the team to work together to achieve one common goal. Just like in Commude, we are working together for the one common goal *wink*







And for the last game, something that will buggle each members mind. An escape trick game where two people are connected with ropes, and the challenge is to get free. But hey, there are two teams who aced this game. Really shows that Commude JP and PH has the best team.





Ofcourse, team bonding will never be complete without best food on the plate. Dinner was served at the Buena Vista Restaurant after the fun filled activities.








Also, since this joint activity of Commude Ph and JP is for the hard work of every member. The management also take credit to the employee who performs above everyone else. For Philippine team, the body voted for Nicole Manalo of Web team as the top performer and was followed by Thelma Suyam from the same team tied with Ian Sebastian of the System Team. For Japan side, they voted for Hayato Inaba of Web team as well.


Since Cebu is known for its white beaches and sandbars, we did not wasted our stay here. We went into Pandanon Island in the nearby province—Bohol! One hour boat ride is really worth it after seeing those fine white sands. Indeed, a very picturesque!!


Since we have an hour to go there riding a boat and an hour to return to White Sands Resort, then, we have a lot of pictures to show you there! *wink*














Another best way to enjoy the sunshine at the beach is Volleyball. We wouldn’t miss this tan lining and very fun game. Most players are from PH but we have our JP friends to cheers us up.






Pictures! Pictures and more pictures to document the beauty of this Island and of course our stay *insert pictures*








This summer vibes was best partnered with Seafood Barbeque Lunch and fresh buko as refreshers!





To sum up, our Cebu team bonding was SUPERB! Fun nights, bonding with colleagues, festive foods really made us feel especial. Our hard work was paid off after this three days bonding with fun filled activities. Pictures wouldn’t be enough to express how happy we were. We have then proven that cultural differences will never become a hindrance in building a team—a family! And yes, team works really makes the dream works. Cheers to more adventures and fun moment with both team!