Summer Outing 2018

Company News・Event November 26, 2018

Some of the strongest bonds are forged through challenges and circumstances, but here we find it through combined activities of competition and fun. According to Forbes Magazine, “Team Building is the most important investment you can make for your people.” Team building when organized with purpose, helps to improve productivity, increased motivation and collaboration, and most specially, it breaks the wall between the management and the employee.




Last April 2018, we had our first Summer Outing and Team Building at Pueblo Por La Playa. Full packed activities for Commude PH since all are present and activities are prepared to build and bond.


Before heading to the resort, we had our group lunch at the Silangang Nayon. Here, we experienced a unique dining in a bamboo cottage on the shoreline and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Perhaps, the most unique thing about the restaurant is their method of delivering the food to the floating dining area. They uses zip-line!


After the sumptuous lunch, we headed to the Mexican inspired private resort nearby. We arrived there afternoon just in time for the check in. We were welcomed with house iced tea and was picked up with their colorful printed jeepney going to our private Villas. All of the villas have pool and beach front view that made us more relax and made us feel more away from work. Literally, “A Breath of Fresh Air.” Hearing sea waves and feeling sea breezes are always an ideal when thinking of a vacation.







We had our group activity on the afternoon of the same day. Teamwork, planning, and strategizing were tested during the activities. Well obviously, we all had fun and really bonded as teams. Pictures can’t explain how hard we laughed and tested as a team during the afternoon activities. And just like any other game, the Blue team made it to the first spot followed by Red and the Yellow teams.




Of course, what’s the best way to end the night? Dinner at the seaside with these drooling foods! We all deserve these after the afternoon full blast of activities.  





So do you think the fun was over? Of course, not! Dinner has finished but we are still on the go! There is still an energy left in our system so we played Beer Pong. It’s Japan VS Philippines, this time. Even though the Japanese were not familiar with this game, but surprisingly, they were all good in shooting. This game is just for fun and we definitely had fun!


We are on high sharing you how fun being in Commude PH! We will break more walls and we will let you know what we have built with those bricks! See you!