‘Til We Meet Again, Renji!

HR Note February 20, 2019



How would you say that you are still friends with someone whom you didn’t met for many years now? Can it be really measured on the distance and the amount of time that you have shared with?


Friendship is something that we humans are capable of to build a connection with every other humans and even other species. It is also our way to socialize and also to survive the messy life that we are in it. With friendship, it promotes trust, sincerity, and support to each other individuals. Some romantic relationships also start with friendship. They say that honesty and ease has been developed in them for years that enables them to try it in to a different level. But, some people are uncomfortable with this and tends to say that it is better for them stay friends than being “lovers” for their trust and how they see each other will be different than how they were before. Nevertheless, friendship is what humans can’t live without as what the saying says, “No man is an island.” True, isn’t?


Last Tuesday, we have witnessed here in Commude PH how we are left by a friend who went back to Japan and he is none other than Mr. Renji Kashii — our Japanese Intern for almost a year. He worked here as an Assistant Web Director in the Web Development Team and is considered to be the Intern who stayed the longest here with us.




When he first came here in the our office, we have already known that he will have a place in our hearts because of his witty and simple personality. He gets along easily with each and every one of us especially with the boys whom he stayed with in our Dormitory.


Look how cute are they:




And last Monday, to give thanks for his dedication and loyalty to our company, we hosted a dinner party for him at the All4U Unlimited Grill and Shabu-shabu at the Century City Mall. It was fun but somehow saddens us for it will be his last dinner with us.




And he really cried when giving a farewell message to us. We are not really used on seeing him cry.




Here are the other photos that prove how we enjoy his company:




Here is Renji together with our bosses:




Aren’t they cute?


And last February 19, before we bid our last farewell to him, he gave us a short message on how thankful he is for us for giving him a warm welcome here in the Commude PH and how we treated him as one of our family members. He even had a special mention to Jonas who is one of his best friends here in the Philippines and lets him join the Christmas and the New Year’s eve with Jonas’ family.




You will see here how close they were that they even chose to portray Monkey D. “Straw Hat” Luffy and Roronoa Zoro of the One Piece Anime:




We are grateful for having someone who is as genuine as Renji is.


To Renji, good luck on your new journey and thank you for the wonderful memories that you have shared with us! We really hope that we will see you again soon! ‘Til next time!






Your Commude PH family