Pop the Champagne!

Company News・Event March 23, 2023

Pop the champagne as Commude Philippines celebrates its 6th anniversary! Anniversaries are meant to commemorate the hardships and to say thank you to the people that joined us on the journey.  It is said that it’s valuable to take the time to recall significant events of the company. Celebrating the milestones is a perfect way to look back at the moments that shaped the business as every business develops in different ways. 


Last March 16,2023, Commude Philippines celebrated its 6th anniversary. Over the years, a lot has changed here at Commude Philippines. But we never forget to provide our customers the highest quality products by practicing strict quality control and maximizing the rich and excellent development here in the Philippines. After a long day of work, the team transformed the office into a perfect venue to celebrate the event. 


We did a variety of activities to celebrate the anniversary and to enhance our relationship with one another. First, we did a Filipino classic game called Pinoy Henyo. Teams were formed randomly, the words that they will be guessing are words that are essential to the growth of the company through the years. The next game is a team battle challenge that is formed by the host by tricking the players to play the boat is sinking. As the teams were formed, the original game started called Flip the Cup. This game was hilariously hard as many of the players were panicking, and some players tried to sabotage their opponents to win. 




In every tiring game, there should be a filling meal. We enjoyed a variety of food and drinks while celebrating the joint achievement of our milestone. While eating, we shared different moments we had with each other. Some were talking about how they started, some checked up with one another, and some started a new friendship. Regardless of having different group of conversations, it is evident with their smiles the overflowing joy we are experiencing throughout the night. To end the program, our COO Mr. Ken Kasai shared a few words about the growth of the company. He’s happy that through the different challenges that the company encountered, the team still persevered and never gave up on achieving their goals. We may be a group of different personalities that’s gathered in a single space, but coming and staying together is only the beginning, we will keep on working together as this will be our ingredient for success. 




Celebrating corporate anniversary is essential; to look back on the things that made us who we are now. Moreover, It takes us down the memory lane and makes us remember the stories and employees that established the foundation of what our brand stands for. We celebrate with one another as we are also part of the growth of the company. A simple celebration that will be forever engraved in our minds and hearts. This celebration is a gentle reminder that we will stay hungry and devour.