ONLINE BINGO – Commude PH Virtual Team Building

Company News・Event March 14, 2022

Hi, I’m Vanessa and welcome to Commude PH’s Blog! I’m now here to share our fun and exciting virtual happy hour last week with our beloved Managers and Developers. Thanks to my co-HR/Admin Erika for making this all happen.


The global pandemic has changed the way things used to work; nothing has remained the same. Our team started working from home. But when we don’t have the office environment around, it can be tough to stay motivated. So we had the idea of making online team building fun and efficient.






CHAPTER ONE – Preparation

This idea began since we start our icebreakers before the general meeting. We find the engagement with the team improves their communication and motivation for work.


There are several key elements to a great virtual event, in fact to any event. The first highly important element is planning. Prepare, prepare, prepare. We had first to imagine and then to brainstorm on how to execute our event.


We conceptualized pre-set of questions – considering all these factors:

  • It must be fun
  • Outside the box
  • Authentic and Engaged


We came up with “ONLINE BINGO GAME”


Me and Erika discussed what platform should we use that can be accessible and diverse since some of Japanese Team will join as well. We made bingo cards and used MIRO for collaboration so everyone can access and edit real time. We also used online roulette where we input all the questions. Here’s the sample of our trials, it shows that we are really having fun and excited to show them:




CHAPTER TWO – Producing the Show

As for our plan in hand, we need make this from ideation to implementation. We requested for prizes and budget to make this virtual happy hour rocks!

Thanks to our COO Ken Kasai for giving us full support on this event. We decided to conduct it after working hours last Friday with some snacks and beers on hand.




CHAPTER THREE – Let the game begin!

With google meet presentation, Me presenting Bingo cards while Erika is in charge of spinning the roulette – we focused on how to interactively engage our attendees.

Did i say interactive? Yes,yes,yes – the key to making this successful.




Virtual Team Building Bingo – How to Play?


  1. Everyone must to pick their own unique emoji
  2. Erika will spin the roulette for the question/activity
  3. Anyone who relates, must input their emoji and required to tell the story behind it
  4. Since it’s BINGO, first one who made straight or diagonal line WINS!




We were able to get to know more of our teammates by sharing each other experiences 🙂


Round 1:




Round 2:




Voila! It supposed to last only for an hour and ended up for almost 3 hours cause we’re having a great time ?




We appreciate the cooperation of Japan team in joining our first virtual happy hour ? ?

Thanks for everyone who cooperates and making this a success. Everybody contributes to make it more fun and exciting and we’re looking forward to conduct this soon face-to-face.