Company News・Event June 24, 2022


The outbreak has dramatically changed human lives and relationships over the past year. It’s actually been a tough few months, Every single plan was postponed or even canceled – school, work, dates, social, sports, travel, and so on. All employees were asked to stay at home, to stay healthy, and to stay safe.



Finally, meeting in person after working remotely for more than a year can be strange at first – which is mind-boggling when you think about it. Learning and collaborating as a group is what we’ve known our entire lives, yet months after a minuscule virus invaded the planet, many of us have forgotten what it’s like to be in each other’s physical presence.


Not only was this meeting an opportunity for us to personally meet each other but most of all we were gonna meet our amazing boss who flew straight from Japan to officially meet us.



Our dinner started at 7pm  but we decided to meet earlier in the office to collaborate about work, check the devices and bond a bit to get to know each other.


Some of us left some personal things in the office like guitars, jackets and this “alkansya” that we are planning to use on our team building:



To make this dinner bonding feel perfectly at ease, we encourage everyone to attend and comply with national safety protocols. We also made reservation ahead of time to our boss’ favorite restaurant.


Our company had its dinner party held at Sandaya Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant, 8mins walk from our office (we decided to walk since its hard to commute during rush hours). And I figured out that it might not be bad to share some of the fabulous photos I had managed to take at the event on that night.



Upon Sacho’s arrival everybody are a little bit nervous and excited.


But after few beers, everything went fun and smooth. You can tell we really enjoyed the night since everyone are not “so shy” anymore hahaha


Here’s the QUIET boys. But not really quiet after few bottles of beers lol


And the Girls’ squad. Don’t underestimate our capacity to finish plates of beef in 5mins :))))


One of the highlight is Jeannie’s arrival. She traveled all her way from Pangasinan to Makati just to attend the event. From 7hrs ride – to different pin locations – Voila!



Still, I witnessed how quickly that awkwardness evaporates when old colleagues reunite in real life. Masks may have been obscuring their smiles and fist and elbow bumps may have replaced handshakes and hugs, but the Commude PH Team were genuinely happy to meet each other and looking forward in an office environment.