International Women’s Month: #EmbraceEquity

Individual Interview March 28, 2023

Being a woman is being able to be powerful, and assertive. This March 2023, International Women’s Month, we are beyond encouragement, resilience, and acceptance, rather, we are embracing equity. Featuring Commude Philippines’ exceptional  Front End Team Leader, Ms. Nicole Manalo.



“Hi, I am Nicole Manalo”, and she tells herself as, “A Front End Team Leader. I’ve been working for almost 10yrs as a developer. I have 1 son that been with me every day except when working on-site. I have a boring life, I have no hobbies. Mostly my life runs around being a working mom. But I like to watch series or movies.”


She’s been working as a developer in Commude Philippines for almost 6 years already. Ms. Nicole Manalo, as a woman herself, leads an all-male team of developers.


Being a leader with all male members can be quite a unique experience. Some new employees seem doesn’t listen to what I say or instruct, ending they give up on their position. There may be societal norms that assume men should be in leadership roles however for a variety of reasons with effective communication, management, and leadership skills, it is possible to create a positive and productive working environment. Overall, being a leader with all male members can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.” With all that said, despite her being an empowered leader, she still encounters challenges in her work such as, “managing conflict, time management and delegation of the task to the team.”


Despite Ms. Nicole Manalo’s excellency and, diligence at work, she still experiences discrimination throughout her years before entering Commude Philippines. “The society before men usually have higher expectations than women”. Despite that, she still chose to fight and pursue her dreams in the field of work that she was in. She defines Women as, “a diverse group of individuals with unique experiences, identities, and perspectives.”


“Historically, women have faced discrimination and inequality in many aspects of society, including employment. However, women have also made contributions to all areas of human endeavor, and their ongoing struggle for equality and empowerment continues to shape the world we live in today”, she narrated.


Ms. Nicole Manalo herself proved to everyone that being a mom, an employee, and a leader does take more than what the world expects from a woman. Now that she’s in Commude Philippines, she found her home. A company where diversity exists, and where everyone is accepted, included, and belong.


Women’s experience of acceptance transitioning to equity only proves one thing that, each day, women strive to be better, louder, and stronger than they are before. Equity is more than a practice, tolerance,  acceptance, rather, involvement. Women have always been a part of the change, radically changing the world that everyone revolves in. They will always be a part of change, and revolution, regardless of who they are, where they came from, and what they are now. Women will always belong, they are loved, and they are empowered. #Equity


“I am thankful for everyone who’s been part of my personal growth. I am independent. I am my own person. Happy International Women’s day.” – Ms. Nicole Manalo, an empowered woman.