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HR Note November 8, 2018


Hi, I’m Erika and welcome to Commude PH’s Blog!


We’re thrilled you are here! France and I will show you a glimpse of fun while working in Commude PH. But for now, let us introduce ourselves first!


My name is Guia Erika Umali Castillo and they call me “Erika” here but I’m “Guia” outside the office. I’ve been part of Commude Ph since March 2017, and being here help me discovered a lot of myself whether it is work related or life related stuff.


I started working as a video editor in 2012. I edited wedding videos and short AVP’s (audio-visual presentation) for 2 years until I realized that the job I have is not for me. So I decided to move out of my box— a leap of faith, from video editor to administration assistant which I honestly do not know the how to’s, but hey thanks for the trust.  Since then I see myself growing and at the same time loving what I am doing. Remember the old adage–“The only way to great work is to love what you do.” And I think through time and experiences, I become greater each day.


But of course just like every story, it has to end. After two years, I decided to quit.  And so this came my third family, my Commude PH family, which taught and help me grow as a person, help me understand what I really want and help me discover things I didn’t know I have or I didn’t know I can do. Maybe the trust— self trust and the trust given to you is the key to have a fulfilling and satisfying job. Bonus points are the knowledge, colleagues, and the enjoyment of working in a company where you think they value every hard work you’ve done.


Though this is not my dream job but I am at my most fulfilling part of my life now—-career and personal. Many will say that it’s too early, but when you know you can juggle both as a single mom and as full time employee is really fulfilling. Commude PH allowed me to do both without time being sacrificed.


So i’ll be ending my “me” part by reminding you what once Confucius said,”Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Need more explanation? You know that already.


Bonjour! I am France but I am not French. Welcome to Commude PH’s Blog Page!


Kidding aside, my full name is “Francesca Marie Ignacio Bondad.” It sounds Spanish but it is not. Who knows? I haven’t traced my descendants, yet. 


I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing at the Mapua University — formerly known as the Mapua Institute of Technology. I was a fresh graduate when I stepped right in the Commude Philippines, Inc. in April 2017.


As a normal kid who just graduated, I experienced applying in different companies — whether it is a bank, an airline, or a mall. Of course, what would you expect from a fresh graduate? I haven’t had an actual experience in working in a company aside from my Internship as a Customer Service Representative at Ford Global City. 


Enough with the “post-graduating” moments and let us go back on how I entered Commude Philippines, Inc. As we all thought, big companies will give you big benefits or even big salaries — and that is what I actually thought. I became desperate in finding the right job for me. Luckily, I was called by one of my friends in Mapua asking if I am still available for a job and told me that there was an opening in the company that he is working with. They are looking for a HR/Admin Assistant and it was a Japanese-owned company. It had just started its operations in March 2017. I immediately said yes hoping that this could be the job that I am looking for. I was interviewed right after by our CEO and CTO.


And, voila! Guess what? I have been working here for one year and seven months now. It was nice seeing the company grow as well as myself. Commude didn’t only helped me grow as I am now but it taught me a lot of life lessons:


If you do not love your job, it wouldn’t be easy for you to wake up every morning and thinking that it would only be a routine. Loving your job also means that you have to love those who are around you — whether they are always grumpy or not. 


Commude didn’t only let me do my job but it also let me expand my horizons — showing my creativity in facebook posts in our facebook page and also, organizing some events. Benefits have been also pouring in the past few months in Commude PH. Sounds exciting? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you about them in the next blog posts. See you!