Get Wiggy This Christmas in Commude PH

Company News・Event December 19, 2022

It’s a party. After two years of pandemic, Christmas parties are becoming possible again. Virtual Christmas party is OVER!!! and we were all happy and excited that everyone from Commude PH and our bosses from Japan could join it. The energy and excitement in preparation is still the same even though we missed 2 years of Christmas Party. For this year we celebrated it at 7373 Events Place in Makati with the theme of “Get Wiggy on Christmas”. Wiggy is slang for crazy and weird. YES! We are crazily happy being with each other in a party even just for a night.

Everyone attended with their wigs on!

Of course, What is the most fun way to welcome the party??? GAMES!!! We have limited space, so we prepared individual games, and a relay for three person games only. For individual games, what we have is a Cookie stacking using chopsticks. Yes! You read it right. Using chopsticks only. This game might be easy for others, and might be too difficult for some. But for Jeannibeth who is really competitive, cookie stacking is just as easy as counting 1,2,3.

Party is not yet over but people are starting to get drunk with our second game. Drinking relay using 3 connected straws.

Let’s put disclaimer on the winning team: They are not hard drinkers, they just need a cash prize 🙂

Let’s move on with the most awaited part of every Christmas party, Food? Nah! It’s the RAFFLE!!! This time we didn’t do the usual drawing of names and announcement of winners. We always want fun and excitement so we follow the trend. Your luck is in your hand as they say. We prepare paper facing down with numbers and strings attached on it. We let each member pull one string and whatever number on it, that is the corresponding prize they will get from the raffle prizes. For the spirit of fairness, we let our COO Ken Kasai, to put the number on the raffle prizes randomly.
All prizes are well thought out. Since we have a young talented employee, we decided not to have an appliance as a raffle and get a prize that every young heart will like.

Adidas backpack that is very ideal for traveling considering its size plus it has a laptop compartment.

Smart watch for an active and healthy lifestyle.

A bath essential set, also ideal for traveling and for everyday use.

Who doesn’t need a hoodie during these amihan days? This one is from Uniqlo. We included a gift tag incase of size change. We are born READY!!

You may say that there’s no H&M in Moana’s Island ? of course, she will sail to use this gift card.

Oppa Bonnie can now join the Aquaflask Club after winning this 40oz insulated drinking bottle

Another one for the book is the much needed Spa Voucher for two because it is more fun when you have someone to share it with. A well deserved prize especially this one was won by this busy and hard working Mama.

Maybe 3 is the new favorite number of our PHP Developer Raeanne, who got an Apple Airpod. A self confessed Swiftie can now listen to Taylor Swift without the hassles of wire.

Showcasing talents is another one we always anticipate during Christmas Parties. “Alay”, or offering in English as we jokingly call them. These talented individuals prove that they are all around and can do entertainment if needed and if the “prize” is right ? Many sang, some did rapping and dancing but only one stands out as they dance very “kawaii” with a Japanese song. They got a perfect 25 points from our judges who are very entertained while they are dancing.

This year, we also gave a twist with the typical exchange gift. This time we do the white elephant exchange gift. Were we “Keep” and “Steal” gifts from each other. Another fun way of exchanging gifts.

And the year end party won’t be complete without recognizing each member who contributed well throughout the year. Commude Philippines Inc. appreciated each and everyone’s effort to the company in achieving its goal.

Parties are always fun, especially in Commude Philippines Inc. Work hard, Party harder is what we are during our Christmas Party. Words aren’t enough to describe how fun it is to do this again face to face. Laughters are best when being shared.
As what our CEO Toshiyuki Fukajima mentioned during his closing message “We are family and we are working not only for ourselves but for our family and for our country and we can achieved our goals if we do this together, All for one, and one for All” Just like Christmas, it is always the best when celebrated with family, and that’s we are.

Watch the video Get Wiggy in Commude to know more how happy we were last December 8. 😀 Merry Christmas!