Friendly Battle : Commude Vs YNS in a Basketball Game

Company News・Event September 18, 2019



Have you ever imagined working in a company where there is no other thing to do but to keep on doing usual tasks? No company outings? No company dinners? No sporting games? What would it feels like when those are not given to each company’s employees?


Of course, companies have their own ways of giving back to their employees. Employees may not be so open on saying what they want but they deserved to feel relaxed and important in every way.


This time, Commude Philippines, Inc. have organized a basketball game together with Shachou-san and Kenji-san and have invited also our Company Friend, YNS Philippines, Inc. It was actually our second time playing with them and it surely enjoys both of our employees. We’ve already formed a bond that feels like we’re working at the same company.




You can tell that it was a good game because even rain couldn’t stop them! Could you believe that we played on an open area — no roof and with a slippery floor? Anything is possible if you are persevered to play!




Could you guess who won the game? It’s the YNS! But of course, we are expecting for a next match and hopefully, we’ll win at that time. *wink*


Moreover, we wouldn’t care if we win or lose. After all, it was just really a friendly battle from two companies with one goal — to have fun once in a while. See? It was never a bad idea to go out sometimes and bond with other companies even if it means losing. What was important in here is the bond that we’re making that enables all the employees to put their trust on us so that we could continuously provide a better future for everyone.


And that ends our blog. Hope to see you here again, soon!