Difference between PHP Native and Laravel

Back-End Dev Note October 26, 2022

Hello everyone, I am Troy, a backend intern developer in Commude PH. I am currently taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Rizal Technological University. As per my experience in school, I usually work as a frontend developer in my activities that is given by my professors using HTML and CSS. Here in Commude PH. I am using Laravel.


Going outside your comfort zone will never be easy. As an intern and new to backend programming, it has been difficult for me because of the workflow and goal. Commude PH however, gave me a chance to grow and experience backend programming using Laravel. It is really a big help to me and for my career. Because of Commude’s work environment that is friendly and welcoming, my experience and knowledge grew in the past few weeks while working with them and because of that I became more motivated to learn and understand the backend programming using Laravel.


So what is Laravel? Laravel is a PHP programming framework that uses the MVC model intended to ease web development. It comes with many built in features that developers can use to ease their development process. In short, it is a more organized PHP programming process and has necessary features for easy developing.


Here is the difference between pure PHP programming and Laravel 9:


PHP Native


Laravel 9




As you can see Laravel is making routes for the HTML to appear for a certain function. By this, your codes in a certain function will avoid confusion because of the organized workspace in Laravel.


In the photos above, you can see a lot of folders and files that is an example of compiled folders in Laravel. The advantage of being organized is that you can track the errors and debug or fix the code error and functionality in your system much easier. You can also specify files on a certain functions for your system to avoid messy coding that will lead to system confusion and help programmers deeply understand the system’s workflow with ease.


In conclusion, Laravel helped me cope up in backend programming with a shallow knowledge on PHP language due to its organized workspace. Laravel will help you develop a more functional system without making long codes that may affect the system’s functionality. As a beginner, I find it fun to explore and learn about Laravel because of its workflow that will lead to less confusions in understanding of the workflow of a certain system. I hope this blog helped you understand the beauty of learning Laravel. Thank you for reading and happy coding!