Company dinner at Big Mama with the Interns

Company News・Event November 10, 2022

Just as the COVID19 pandemic tones down, Commude PH took the opportunity to take this time to celebrate a small dinner date along with Sir Yuta-san and Shacho-san and also the new internship students. Taking this precious time as Sir Yuta-san and Shacho-san are going back to Japan in a few days. Sadly, Eric was absent due to stomach ache.


Making most of the time as the pandemic took so long that it’s been ages since the last dinner date happen within the company. As Sir Yuta-san and Shacho happily meet the company interns, introducing themselves and saying just have a good time and eat well. Which, the interns happily took this chance to fill themselves not only with food, but also good memories along with the company.




And of course, nothing beats sharing fun stories and good companionship with a glass of ice cold beer. As the members of the Commude PH along with some interns took the opportunity to raise a toast and chug down merrily with smiles and laugh.




Lastly, since two of our company employees are nearing their birthdays which was Ms. Jeannie and Ms. Reanne. Our dear Sir Yuta-san and Sir Ken bought soju to take a shot along with the future birthday celebrators.




It was a long but enjoyable and memorable night for the company and the interns. You can say everyone got home was positive, positive that they got new memories, friends, and fun stories to cherish and enjoy upon.