Christmas Party 2018 : Living the Movie Character Life

Company News・Event December 19, 2018

“Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” – Norman Vincent Peale


When speaking of a Christmas Season, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? When I was a child, I would always think that Christmas is a season of giving and receiving gifts, and the birth of Jesus Christ is coming near. I always saw my mother wrapping up presents to give to my cousins and relatives. In return, I also receive mine from them. As when I grew older, I realized that Christmas is not all about gift-giving. It is a season where families and friends get together to have fun and to reminisce the old memories.


Here in the Philippines, Christmas Season starts on the “-BER” months or on the month of September. We are considered to be the country who celebrates Christmas the longest. The spirit of Christmas has been always so grand and very much planned by everyone. You will not see a street not having a colorful decoration and cities having their own unique presentation for everyone to see. Christmas Parties have been celebrated by every school or company especially when the Christmas Day is getting near.


Last year, we had our first Christmas Party ever. We have our Sequined Theme for the girls and just a formal attire for boys. It was a wrap and we really had fun at that time.




But this year, we have thought of a better theme where everyone can participate. We had it last December 12 at the Society Lounge, Makati. We came up with the Movie Character Theme where everyone has the chance to imitate one character from any movie. Let us start with the Minions:



And we will go on now with the Pirates:






And if you thought you just met a random stranger, you’re wrong. Maybe they are the characters from well-known movies in the Hollywood. Let’s take a look of them:










She does not looks like a random stranger but beware, maybe she was followed by the Big Bad Wolf:




And from a well-known TV series in the 2000s, Here is Dai Shocker from Masked Rider:




Moreover, here are the movie characters that we frightened of whenever Halloween comes and you have no choice of other movies to watch:





Aside from these freaking characters, we will not forget those who dressed up as the cuties from some of the famous animated movies of the lifetime:





And of course, of all these in-character individuals, there is someone who will really stand-out. And, viola! Here he is! It’s Ian as Russell from Up. 




How cute, right? He really does looks like him and he really deserves to win the “Best in Costume” Award. *applause*


Lastly, all movies will not be complete without the civilians who acts as a support from the main characters. Could you guess who dressed as them?



Yes, you saw it right. They are our bosses! Don’t worry they are not the only ones. They have another two with them:




Aside from these costumes, there are other things that excite us during this event — it’s the raffle! Christmas Parties wouldn’t be complete without these. And of course, the spirit of Christmas is giving. So for this year’s raffle, we decided to make it a few and different from last year which are mostly appliances. Hence, we bought a total of three (3) Gift Certificates from Deal Grocer — one from the Spa Wellness and two from the Holiday Inn Makati, a dinner buffet for two in their Flavors Restaurant. We also bought an Anello Bag, a JBL Speaker, a Supremo 4k Plus Action Camera, a 32 inch Samsung Smart TV, and for our Grand Prize… a Play Station 4 with three (3) free games! Sounds cool, eh?




As mentioned earlier raffles are meant for few lucky employees, so we prepared Christmas basket and PureFoods Ham for everyone.




The best party will not be considered the best without its “Best Food.” In Society Lounge, they really treated us as if we will never eat again the next day. The food that they served are in a good presentation and very mouth-watering. And, the staff are properly attired so you can make sure that the foods are clean and well-prepared.





And when you thought that this the end of our Christmas Party, it is not yet! For this year, to make the Christmas Party more fun, we decided to held a competition which is entitled, “Commude Got Talent.” Yes, it was derived from a famous game show in the TV. Here, every team has their chance to showcase their talents whether in singing or dancing. Here are the participants of CGT:







Aside from these contestants, we also have special numbers from Erika with her daughter, Careese, and Monica.




And the chosen winner who got the highest point is the “Jonas & Renji” Duo! They got the highest point for they have shown that they have practiced a lot and shows coordination in every movement. Yay! Congratulations to them!




After the Commude Got Talent, we proceeded with the other two games and the exchange gifts.


A lot is happening over the party but the management did not forget to recognize employee’s who performs at their best during the year.






Moreover, we will never forget the kids! That’s why we also prepared something for them.




To wrap up our Christmas Party, everyone had a wonderful night full of fun and laughter. Even though it was just our second Christmas Party, we all felt that love and generosity is not enclosed in our families but also in the company that we are working with. We are thankful for every person entering our small company but yet full of love — for we gained true friends that we will cherish for a lifetime. Therefore, it is the essence of our Christmas Party — to give love and to cherish every moments together. One should always remember that it is not only in Christmas Season should we spread love, but all throughout the year.


Merry Christmas to you from Commude Phillippines, Inc.!


Christmas is love. Love is Commude PH.