Christmas Party 2019: Rocking the Ugly Sweaters

Company News・Event December 19, 2019

Christmas Parties are already a norm here in the Philippines. Whenever the Christmas approaches, there are parties on every side of the streets. It usually starts on the 2nd week of December until the day of Christmas or sometimes even before the New Year’s eve.


How about you? How would you describe your celebration of the Christmas Party with your co-workers? For me, I would describe our Christmas Party in three words — exciting, memorable, and fun. Every year, we always make sure that our Christmas Party will always be better than the previous years.


Last year, we had our Movie Character theme where every employee showcased their wittiness in dressing up as movie characters — whether they may be a protagonist, a villain, or a cartoon. Each individual must portray the role that they chose. It was fun and very much challenging.


And this year, we chose to keep it simple and yet very creative — it’s an Ugly Sweater Theme! With that, we tend to feel more the spirit of Christmas while celebrating at the Al Fresco area in Terraz Bistro.








Such a nice view, right? It is really just one of the bests!


And now, let us all see how creative our employees are in their ugly sweaters:










And of course, we will never forget our bosses together with our client/guest Mr. Tanaka!




Furthermore, have you ever wondered who won the Ugliest Sweater Award? It’s me! My mum and I really put our efforts to win this award since it has a cash prize. Just kidding! *wink*




Moving on, let us go ahead to the gifts that Commude Philippines, Inc. had in-store for us since Christmas is the season of giving.


Below is the picture that shows us the raffle prizes, printed hoodies, and our annual Christmas Baskets that are now part of Commude PH’s tradition.




For this year’s raffle, we have a total of seven (7) prizes. Let us enumerate all of them starting from the minor prizes: (7) Tough Mama 8-in-1 Stackable Cooker; (6) American Home Turbo Broiler; (5) Kleen Kanteen Insulated Drinking Water; (4) Philips Portable Bluetooth Speaker; (3) American Home Microwave; (2) Vivo Y11 Phone; and for the Grand Prize… we have the (1) Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 40mm Aluminum! Who wouldn’t get excited receiving one of these?




Here are the winners of the Minor Prizes:




And the Grand Winner of the Samsung Galaxy Watch is… the ever fortunate She-she! Have you ever thought that she is also the one who won our Grand Prize on our Christmas Party last 2018? She just won the PlayStation 4 with three (3) free games! So blessed!




But, wait! There’s more! We also have our printed hoodies for everyone! Sounds cool, right?




And to spice up our night, our newly hired employees have prepared three (3) special numbers. The first group who performed consists of Rika, Fuji, Mc Steven, and Astrid. It really brought hotness in our night especially when Fuji-kun dressed up as a lady and danced gracefully. You will not know how hard we laughed and very much terrified with his very short dress!




And the second group consists of Rose, Rocky, Yuta, and Mark. They’ve just sang and danced the 12 Days of Christmas! So cute, right?




And for the 3rd and the winning group… goes to Michael, Mart, CJ, and Wilson! You will see here a clip of their applausable performance:





After the usual exchange gifts, we have prepared one game that is very trendy today especially to the YouTube Vloggers and that is the Whisper Challenge! This game is only for paired individuals and they will be given two (2) minutes in guessing a word related to Filipino Christmas by whispering while the other player is wearing a headphone. The pair with the shortest time of guessing is the winner!


Here is a collection of funny faces during the Whisper Challenge:




Even though we made fun of their faces while playing, this game is totally worth it since the winners will be receiving 500 pesos each or a total of 1,000 pesos for the winning pair! And the winners for this game are none other than… Michael and Joanna! They got the word still having a 1 minute and 52 seconds left in their time! Amazing, isn’t it?




And of course, Commude Philippines, Inc. wouldn’t forget the outstanding employees for this year. Here are the outstanding employees for this year:




Everyone had really put their efforts in being a good employee in Commude PH but one of them definitely stood out and that is our one and only MVP… and that is Mr. Joshua Molinas! Our colleagues are very much proud of him and wishes that he may continue to inspire everyone to work hard and to put their hearts in every work they do.




After the program proper, it’s now time to party-partyyyyy!






And to finally summarize our night — we could describe it as “one of the best Christmas Parties that we could ever have.” Having the right people to join and to laugh with, it will surely be a wonderful and memorable night to each one of us. Truly, we are thankful enough to Commude Philippines, Inc. for recognizing each individuals who contributed to the success of this two-year old company that we have loved and will continue to love and serve.




Lastly, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who supported us for this year — our clients, friends, families, and colleagues. May you continue to support us in the coming years!


Once again, Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year! Cheers!