Adulting 101 : Living in the Dormitory

Company News・Event February 5, 2019



I remember some time when I used to like to grow up fast — done with the studies and just enjoying the employment life. I even tried my mother’s makeups and heels and pretend that I am a successful working girl. But, time had passed. I am really a grown person now — had a Bachelor’s Degree and working for almost two years now. It is somewhat stressful, yes. You got to get to work even in the height of a Typhoon. Of course, have you forgot? You are not a student now. Typhoon intensities will not work for you at this stage of your life and you will consider yourself as one of the “Waterproof people.” Hard to be an adult, right?


One of the worst imaginative scenarios of some Filipinos who grew up with their families is to live independently. As we all know, Filipinos are really used to being close with their families — some married couples tend to stay with one of their parents until they can bought their own house. Cool, right? *smiles annoyingly*


But, in this generation, I have known a lot of people who wanted to try living independently and they are my… colleagues! Thanks to our company that they have provided us free dormitory to stay at especially to those who are living far from the office. Wanna see?


As of now, we have two dormitory units — one for the boys and one for the girls. It is complete with 3 double-deck beds, refrigerator, air condition units , electric stove, shower, and bidet! Who doesn’t want to stay in a dormitory with a bidet? *wink*





Here are our awesomely handsome male tenants:




And, of course, here are our gorgeously beautiful female tenants:




Isn’t obvious that they are happy, right?


At first, it is kind of difficult to be away from our families especially when you are at the beginning of your journey to adulthood. Food is not readily available when you woke up or when you got home from work. You will suddenly misses the food that your mother is preparing for you or the noise that your siblings create while eating the supper.


Yes, it is way too difficult. But, you will kind of get used to the surroundings that you are currently in. You will develop a bond with your board-mates that you thought would be impossible — petty fights has becoming a norm and the snoring of the other one will not annoy you anymore. Sometimes, living on your own will teach you a lot of lessons in this life and you will get to know yourself even more. You’ll learn how to cook, to do your laundry, and to fix things. It will also taught you on how to be responsible like paying your own bills and to wake up on time.


Going out from your comfort zone will really requires you courage and perseverance. It may be difficult at first but it will be worth it all throughout. Hence, do not be afraid and do what ever your heart desires! It is okay to do it instead of regretting of not being able to do it. *wink*


Oh! And by the way, just to let you all know that our Dormitory is just 15 minutes away from our office by just walking and 5 minutes or so when riding a tricycle that costs PhP 40.00 (Forty Pesos) per ride. It maybe looks far in this picture but I tell you, there are just too many streets that you will need to pass through but it is really not that far. And sometimes, your body needs to exercise, right? Hence, 15 minutes walk will not hurt you big time and will save you forty pesos each time you opt to walk.