Tower Filme

Corporate site of Tower Film—a commercial production company, has been renewed. Since they are a customer that specialized in video productions, we responded to their request of creating a website using their desired video by making a design as simple as possible in order to make it stand out.

Tamagin Urara

TAMAGIN Urara — An Izakaya (Japanese bar) between Sugamo and Otsuka. It's a place where you can feel at home, quickly become familiar with, and has great atmosphere. To represent that place's feel at home vibe, we have created their website. Please check it out if you want to see our work.


Have you ever had an experience when you cannot search something because you do not know what it's called? iMATCH is an app that can provide solution for these problems.

Chess Go

Play Chess Go virtually anywhere with friends using the newest technology of Apple—ARKit. The app uses GPS so you can play with anyone from the map!

-GPS to find an opponent within the Map.
-Two modes of game (Using AR, Non-AR Mode)
-Please note that Chess Go app uses the iOS 11's ARKit framework so it only supports iOS 11 devices.

Japan Machine Tool Builder's Association

By constructing a Manual Creation CMS, manuals that used to be distributed to members as prints can be now all browsed by all members from the website.
Because of that, we realized that it reduces the cost of printing and were able to update contents even in-house.

Leap Work

Leapwork — a recruitment site made for the Philippines.
Find the company you want. Hire the right person you need. Leapwork will change your work environment.

Smart Speaker

Smart Speaker can display desired info via Voice Command.
By connecting Smart Speaker and Signage, it can be used in various scenarios.

Corporation brochure degital signage content

Operated using touchscreen device, it's mechanism is showing contents in an 80 inch monitor.
Development is constructing using Unity.