A fresh start before going back onsite —-TEAM BUILDING

Company News・Event December 21, 2022

After the successful Christmas celebration of Commude Philippines Inc., last December (Christmas party highlights) we couldn’t let this year to end without sharing our first face to face team building after the pandemic that happened last August 19. Yeah! This event is packed with fun, laughter and food!!! While we’ve done this virtually during pandemic, it is more interesting and definitely more useful and fun when it is done personally.
We chose White Rock Beach Hotel in Subic for its fun outdoor activities such as Kayak, inflatable water park, wave pools and many more. Perfect venue to relax, recharge and create memories for every member of Commude Ph.

First stop when in Subic, Harbor Point Mall where we had our boodle feast lunch at Seafood Island. A best lunch to welcome our Commude JP Team that joined us in this event.

We head straight to White Rock Beach Hotel after our sumptuous lunch. We have a 8 room villa accommodation with jacuzzi and gazebo where we had our games and program for team building.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our COO Ken Kasai wasn’t there and Yuta-san System Team Manager delivered his welcome message for everyone.

Shortly after the messages we begin our mini games with “Silent Line-up”. Since we barely know each other personally because of the work from set-up we had for two years due to the pandemic, and most of the developers were hired during the pandemic. This game is perfect for us to get to know each other even better but everyone should be silent while doing this and guess which order they should be in. Some of our categories are “line up according to age”, “line up according to height” and “line up according to tenure in office”

Another game we all enjoyed is the Winner takes ALL. We always want a twist in everything, so everyone was asked to prepare 100php and play “jack en poy” with their chosen partner. All winners are teammates and all the losers are with each other. We create this game for the groupings for our next games. So what’s with the 100php?? When you lose “jack en poy” you give your 100php to your opponent and everyone who still has money in their hand will play until only one will remain as winner and all of the 100 php bill is in his hand.

We also played the drawing game where the two teams will draw the same image at each other’s back and the team who got the drawing closets will win. This game aims to teach each member to be patient, trust and follow the process to have a better and winning result.

Strategy and teamwork is our next game and we call it “Lucky 31”. The goal is to eliminate all the opponent teams by landing each of them in number “31”. Everyone is in a circle and each team will strategically position themselves within the circle and will count 1, 2, or 3 numbers consecutively starting with number 1 and so on. Whoever lands with number 31 will be eliminated. A mind game that will enhance each other’s teamwork.

And for our final game, we prepared the “Follow the Leader”. This game aims to teach every member to follow their team leader’s instructions to achieve one goal. And for this game, the goal is to find the lemon that the other opponent hides. Each team will choose one member that will be blindfolded and his team leader will guide him to find the missing lemon. Following instruction and trust is the key to win this game.

Everyone was tired and had fun after with our mini games, so we decided to have a break and let them enjoy the outdoor water activities while the sun is setting down. Beaches are best to enjoy when the sun is setting, especially here in the Philippines where temperature is at its extremes.

Soon after we had our dinner served at the gazebo. We order Filipino dishes such as bulalo, karere,, inihaw na bangus, etc. Over dinner, the management recognized those members who showed exemplary performance over the year.

We shared drinks after, played Pinoy henyo with the JP team and let them try the “balot” Watch their full balot experience on our facebook page🙂

It was a very long night, but the energy is still on. We still had energy to swim in the morning and enjoyed its wave pool.

To sum up, it’s short but very memorable since this is another first, after the government loosen its restriction due to Covid-19. This one really gives us some fresh start again after years of working from home. A very welcoming way before we started working onsite again 🙂