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Coffee Break Interview: The WEB Team of COMMUDE PH

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ONLINE BINGO – Commude PH Virtual Team Building

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Christmas Party 2019: Rocking the Ugly Sweaters

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Friendly Battle : Commude Vs YNS in a Basketball Game

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A Tour to Our New Office!

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Japan Trip 2019

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A Sneak-Peek to Our New Office Unit!

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‘Til We Meet Again, Renji!

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Adulting 101 : Living in the Dormitory

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Oosouji 2018 : Annual Year-end General Cleaning

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PH x JP Year-end Outing in Cebu : Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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Christmas Party 2018 : Living the Movie Character Life

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Work Day on a Holiday : The Bonifacio Day

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Summer Outing 2018

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Welcomes New Members : September to November 2018

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Getting to know first Our Content Creators

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Highlights of September 2018

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IT Asia Talent Exchange Tour in COMMUDE

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In About Members

‘Til We Meet Again, Renji!

February 20, 2019

    How would you say that you are still friends with someone whom you didn’t met for many years now? Can it be really measured on the distance and the amount of time that you have shared with?  ...

In About Members

Welcomes New Members : September to November 2018

November 18, 2018

  Humans are known to be intelligent and strong. We have so many needs and wants — but mostly wants. We are undeniably have no contentment in what we currently have. We always wanted to have the best in everything....

In About Members

Getting to know first Our Content Creators

November 8, 2018

  Hi, I’m Erika and welcome to Commude PH’s Blog!   We’re thrilled you are here! France and I will show you a glimpse of fun while working in Commude PH. But for now, let us introduce ourselves first!  ...